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12 May, 2013 | 09:30 AM - 01:30 PM
Speak up.. or else Don't Crib
By: Editorial Team | Date: 06 Oct, 2012 | Category: Defence Colony

At the crossroads of urbanization, our race today is perched atop a consumer centric planet. The New World Order is virtually taking over our lives and pushing all of us in this hyper time zone with money to be made and bills to be paid.

I want to take a break from this high paced life and initiate a forum. We are simply required to take a breath and look around and raise voices to be well heard.

Though South Delhi and in particular Defence colony is an epicentre of culture and panache, but has its own share of woes. Let's take a moment off and point out issues that need improvement. I am not asking fellow residents to produce a revolution. On the contrary, just point out the closest thing that can make your day to day life better. The general law of compounding and networking will do the rest.

As a humble onset, listed below are some inputs from our co-residents. These will be escalated to the Area councillor and also be followed up to ensure instantaneous resolutions.

The most common area of discontent addressed to me by the residents is the blatant prostitution, rampant in and around our colony, right under the nose of the police force, who in most cases are a party to the crime for a few extra bucks.

Another nuisance is the large number of (tricycle) rickshaws and their unverified pullers/drivers.
These rickshaw pullers are a security threat and also contribute to the prostitution practice by pimping and coordinating for the so called buyers who are thronging to our colony from all over the city. A fixed number of (tricycle) rickshaws should be operated, by a single entity (for instance RWA) and given a designated place to be stationed. This will downsize the traffic within the colony and also streamline the local transport mode for the benefit of the residents.

The real estate boom in the city has led to extensive construction in our colony (Def col), resulting in thousands of unverified labour and vendors entering the colony for work. As per the police records too, this labour is either the direct culprit or act as a useful informant in most thefts and petty crimes.
Surely a central verification system is not an elusive measure.

Also causing annoyance is the garbage dump positioned next to the market entrance, some like to call it a sore to the eyes; others describe it as a disease factory placed opposite a school and a few more residents believe that it defies their basic civic and hygiene laws. The residents wish-for its relocation and proposed construction of underground pits for garbage disposal.
The residents were all agog to talk about the Defence colony market. They were quick to point out the water logging due to dysfunctional sewage pipeline in the backside of the market. The foregoing area has turned into a convenient abode for thick algae and unwanted life forms and the damage through this is known to all.
Also the purpose of the structure erected (by the authorities) in the market before the common wealth games (2010), is still unclear to many residents. They urge it be opened up for public use.

Residents shared concern over the ever increasing number of vehicles in the market and effective disaster management in time of an emergency in this area.
Additionally not all drains, constructed outside the houses are covered. The bystanders have turned the uncovered drains into waste disposal bins.
Similarly not all back lanes are well lit or well pruned.
Lastly talking about infrastructures, the arterial road (laid along the fly over market) connecting Def col with Lajpat nagar-1 is in need of a makeover.
Assuredly all our voices combined will spearhead the necessary change. So let's demand from our representatives, some simple actions to convert our colony into a Progressive Civic Prototype.

Feel free to share your grievances/suggestions on the link given below:

Def Col residents who have actively contributed with their inputs:

Mr. Satya Prakash, [ A-30 ]
Mrs. Kapoor, [ B-13 ]
Mrs. Bhatnagar, [ C-140 ]
Mrs. Geetu Prakash, [ C-220 ]
Dr. Surinder Puri, [ B-17 ]
Mrs. Seema Sood, [ B-20 ]
Mrs. Chadha, [D Block ]
Mrs. Randhawa, [ C-505 ]
Mr. Saurabh, [ A-30 ]
Mr. Kapoor, [ C-28 ]

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Editorial Team Posted On: 25 Dec, 2012
Sorry...Who is your comment directed towards?
S KUMAR Posted On: 25 Dec, 2012
all are very prompt in raising the problems but when it comes for your contribution, you are ready with excuses as it doesn't falls in convenience zone
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